Tobias Prinz

Agile Software Developer.

TDD - I do develop using the test-driven/test-first approach. I've worked both implementing tests afterwards and flying blindfolded (when policy dictated it), I just do not enjoy it.

Lean - I like Scrum, because it has proven to be a small, fast and efficient process. But I'll happily try ever other lean process - I do Kanban and some Kaizen techniques on crafting projects, so I won't be put off by that.

Polyglot - I do like a lot of programming languages and use them all when applicable. Currently, I do Java and JavaScrip. Ruby will always be a favourite and Python is not too shabby, either. I have yet to see a well-coded, business-sized project in PHP or Perl, but I am willing to let myself be surprised.

Framework- and OS-agnostic - I do not have any preference. Just the right tool for the job. Just don't force me to use a Windows keyboard on OSX and we'll get along fine.

I love wikis. If you let me be in charge of documentation, there is probably a wiki going to be involved. If you let me design a knowledge system, it will not be hierarchical, but based on tags/categories.

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Tobias Prinz
Am Piwitt 18
58540 Meinerzhagen

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